"Nurturing the new generation of remote therapists willing to make the world cleaner emotionally and spiritually with the quantum use of essential oils"


In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Ellert shares her profound journey and unveils a transformative healing method that has the potential to change lives, ignite souls, and heal the world.

When love and joy become predominant frequencies in our lives, we experience a profound sense of well-being. Our bodies and minds are in a state of alignment, promoting optimal health, vitality, and a greater sense of purpose.

Dr. Ellert makes the experience easier and more pleasurable with olfactotherapy!

Breathe-Love-Heal teaches every women how to make it very easy and part of their daily life: simply breathe essential oils, love more and heal easier.

When quantum physics meet essential oils, your brain has even more power.

Essential oils do all the work. Use them.

Subtil—the ultimate Quantum Aromatherapy Training will revolutionize your existence.

Envision the awe-inspiring impact of becoming a remote therapist, effortlessly transcending physical barriers to deliver healing from afar.

Receive unparalleled training, transcending conventional methods and delving into the realms of quantum aromatherapy.

Awaken your dormant healing potential and witness the awe-inspiring influence you can exert on others, regardless of their geographic location.

Develop unsuspected powers through a quantum healing approach.

Act on the level of the energy bodies and the deep sources of physical and emotional imbalances.

Free yourself from your limiting beliefs and inherited perceptions.

Use frequencies of essential oils to relieve pain and balance organs and glands.

Adopt a therapeutic alternative that respects health and the environment.

Create your own distinctive therapeutic approach for breakthrough results.


Practice Healing with Joy

Aroma-Soul-Therapy is the aromatic method created by a woman for other women,

so that they can easily

- align their lives effortlessly with their hearts,

-live with the joy they deserve, the success and health they deserve,

- without the emotional and physical toxicity that this man's world generates.

If today you are one of those women who have accumulated many courses to heal themselves naturally but who nevertheless find it difficult to apply it in their lives.

If you buy lots of natural products including essential oils that you hesitate to use for fear of hurting yourself or harming yourself.

If you would like to learn how to use them but you lack the time and energy is the fast and easy way to get to the solution.

Energetically source the origin of a problem, find and use the essential oils you really need to recover your harmony, without a doubt.

This first month of ‘Subtile’? A start of reconstruction! I feel myself being transformed, gradually, like a fruit that is ripening, a door that is opening to another world.

Despite reservations and attachments, changes have already manifested themselves. For example, I managed to arrange help for my disabled husband, and hospital appointments went smoothly.

For me, the essential oil that I use takes on its full meaning, bringing well-being and relief. Pain has even decreased, and back pain has found a solution thanks to Black spruce EO.

Those around me sometimes react to my new way of being, but I am determined.

Thank you for your teaching, opening these doors, and your kindness! Your sparkle is a real balm." Colette. Subtil student, 2023

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